Experienced, Empathetic Family Law Support In Escondido

Ensuring Fair Child Support After Your Divorce

One of the most stressful areas of a divorce is determining financial support for your children. While you want child support payments to be fair, you also need to ensure your children receive the financial support they need.

At my firm, Dahann Bowers Law, I can help guide you through child support determination in California to seek a fair amount. As an experienced family law attorney, I know how much impact a child support order and subsequent agreement can have on a child’s life. I pride myself on being a divorce attorney who helps families in Escondido secure the financial support they deserve as part of a divorce decree.

A Thorough Approach To Child Support

California uses a formula to determine child support payments that takes into account each parent’s income, the amount of time they have physical custody of the children, the children’s special needs and more. The amount of time that you have physical custody of your child will have a direct impact on the amount of child support that you are obligated to pay. What this means is that the more time you spend with your child, the more your child support obligation will be reduced because you are already spending money to care for them.

I will take the time to explain how the case could affect public assistance received now and in the future. I will also walk you through the process and identify issues and options specific to every step. If you are a parent seeking child support, I am ready to represent your unique needs. I possess a thorough understanding of domestic relations law and will employ creative strategies to ensure your child has the financial support they need.

Steps To Take

Several steps exist when soon-to-be ex-spouses are seeking support for their children. First, I will take the time to work closely with you to learn about the individual factors that make up your child support case. Next, I weigh the options present in your case before developing a personalized strategy for you. When you come to my law office, you will see for yourself just how committed I am. I do not make assumptions or take shortcuts in my work. I am fully dedicated to the needs of my clients and their children.

Begin Building Your Case Today

Any legal issue involving children will often raise emotions and requires a steadfast representative to help you through the process. I will work hard to provide the help you need and the child support you need. Call me, attorney Dahann Bowers, at 951-900-4647 or email my firm here to schedule your initial consultation today.