Experienced, Empathetic Family Law Support In Escondido

Thoughts From Past Clients

“Working with Attorney Dahann Bowers has been a phenomenally pleasant and satisfying experience. She not only is an expert at what she does, she listens to me, her client, and always has my best interest at heart. Attorney Dahann works diligently and expeditiously to resolve my family law issues. She has an exceptionally strong eye for detail and a very calm demeanor that has been an asset for me in and out of the courtroom. Attorney Dahann has a strong sense of organization and detail which has helped me in my divorce case. Her professionalism, respect, competence, integrity, as well as her work ethic are just a few of the many reasons why I have not been disappointed. Finally, of utmost importance to me are communication skills. Attorney Dahann has kept me informed every step of the way with personal emails, phone calls, and texts. I appreciate her efforts in taking on my divorce case and applying her expertise and understanding of facts from a woman’s point of view.”


“I am extremely grateful to have Dahann Bowers as my attorney. Mrs. Bowers is a very intelligent and diligent attorney. She had helped me with a prenuptial and was very patient with answering my questions. She was efficient and well organized which made the process less stressful; this was great because we only had a few weeks before the wedding ceremony to get me and my then-fiancé on the same page. There isn’t enough good things to say about her professionalism. Again, I’m very grateful to have her as my attorney and recommend her to anyone who needs family law support.”