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Personalized Representation

Finding the right family law attorney is rarely as simple as we would like it to be. The lawyer you choose to represent you in your case has a considerable impact on the outcome of your legal needs – and your future – so you need to be sure that the Escondido attorney you choose has your best interests at heart.

At Dahann Bowers Law, I aim to understand every facet of your circumstances so I can develop a personalized representation strategy to help you. I am Dahann Bower and I serve clients throughout San Diego County and frequently represent them in Visalia, Riverside and Hemet courthouses. I am a member of the North County Bar Association, Riverside County Bar Association and San Diego County Bar Association. Additionally, I have served on the advisory council for California State University San Marcos.

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What Sets Dahann Bowers Law Apart

I know how complicated family-related issues can quickly escalate. I am a family law lawyer who focuses 100% on family law concerns. My goal is to help you maintain a sense of balance through it all by assisting you to resolve your case as swiftly as possible. I have the legal knowledge and skills necessary to represent your best interests in all matters of your divorce, property division, child custody and support agreements. I can also help you with reviewing or drafting your premarital agreement. To increase my reach to our surrounding community, I am fluent in Spanish.

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Are you ready to learn more about how an experienced, compassionate lawyer can help you successfully get through to your next chapter in life? Call Dahann Bowers Law in Escondido at 951-900-4647 or send an email to me.