Experienced, Empathetic Family Law Support In Escondido

Contested Divorce And The Impact On Families

Divorce is rarely an easy or amicable process, and in most situations, there will be turbulent and charged emotions on both sides. More often than not, this means that the divorce process is going to be long and fought bitterly at every point. When you and your spouse are fighting over assets or your children in court, you need to have a skilled divorce litigator on your side to advocate for you.

At my law office – Dahann Bowers Law – I offer representation in both amicable and contentious divorce cases to fit the needs of my clients. I have nearly a decade of experience taking on complex and challenging divorces for my clients, where every issue is a battle that must be fought. As an experienced litigator, I can create a strong legal strategy to advocate for your rights and fight for your goals.

An Emotionally Charged Legal Process

As a family law attorney, I have witnessed bitterly contested divorces involving complex assets, child custody and support, family heirlooms and all manner of other items that divorcing couples have fought over. When I prepare my cases, I spend significant time negotiating and gathering evidence to create a strong foundation for trial. Especially when valuable assets are involved, it is important to have a full accounting of all of the facts involved.

You should expect court appearances to be frequent in the lead-up to your trial, and the trial itself can take a massive toll on you, your spouse and your children. However, I will be your advocate, zealously arguing for you in court and fighting for your future.

The personal costs cannot be discounted. The future can be equally as combative with an ongoing negative tone that lasts months, years, decades and even lifetimes. The effect on children and others close to them can be life-altering. That is why I work diligently to achieve your goals for child custody and spousal support arrangements.

Now Is The Time To Meet With An Attorney

Regardless of how you and your spouse arrived at the decision to divorce, peaceful proceedings are preferential. However, if common ground is elusive, I will take your case to court. Contact my Escondido law office – Dahann Bowers Law – at 951-900-4647 or email me here.