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Revisiting The Divorce Decree

The finalization of a divorce does not mean that no issues will arise post-marital dissolution. Spouses moving on to the next chapters of their lives may change jobs or become unemployed. Revisiting the divorce decree or child custody agreement becomes a necessity when income and changes to other living circumstances occur.

Whether you are an existing client or new to Dahann Bowers Law, I can help you with modifications to your court-ordered agreements when these changes make a California divorce decree untenable. I am attorney Dahann Bowers. Whether you and your former spouse are at peace or in perpetual battle, I can work to get the court to modify agreements for financial orders of support and child custody orders.

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Modifying Child Custody Terms

Revisiting custody and support documents may be necessary as your child grows older. What was best for them when they were younger can become irrelevant as they mature. California family law judges recognize that unforeseen circumstances may require adjustments to custody agreements.

Life-changing events that may warrant a custody modification include:

  • A child’s sudden illness or developmental issues
  • Maturing offspring prefer quality time with one parent over another
  • Concerns by one spouse over the quality of child care provided by the other
  • Parents suffering from illness that impairs their ability to care for a child
  • Parents taking on more job responsibilities, including extensive travel requirements

Unanticipated changes post-decree can become complicated. Finding a path to changing divorce or separation parameters – particularly if a parent continually violates a custody arrangement – presents significant challenges. I can take on those challenges for you.

Updating The Terms Of A Financial Support Order

As a family law attorney, I know that child support amounts are not set in stone. As the months and years go on, circumstances change, specifically children growing older. Costs for care can change. Heading back to court for modifications may become necessary whether the financial amount needs to be raised or reduced.

In situations where a parent’s income significantly increases, pursuing an increase in the child or spousal support may become necessary. Conversely, an ex who has financial difficulties due to a job layoff, illness, or other life-changing issue may have the option to request more money to make up for the income lost.

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