Experienced, Empathetic Family Law Support In Escondido

When Soon-To-Be Exes Are On The Same Page

Even spouses who previously could not agree on anything can come together when it is time to end their marriage. Being on the same page for your divorce eases the path to closure. I established my law firm – Dahann Bowers Law – to help Escondido-based residents through life-changing and highly emotional times. Throughout my career, I have taken on the challenges that come with significantly disputed and highly complex divorces.

For couples united in their desire to divorce, I provide the same level of compassionate advocacy in the mediation room as I do in the courtroom. Unlike divorce litigation, mediation is a much less confrontational and more peaceful process that encourages cooperation and the calm resolution of marital issues.

The Guidance Divorcing Spouses Need

During a time when divorces are in decline, uncontested divorces still represent the majority of all martial dissolutions. This process saves time and money while minimizing, if not outright eliminating, disputes. Some scenarios even see spouses starting the process with significant disputes, only to eventually find a path to mutual agreements.

Uncontested divorce includes the following factors:

  • Both spouses agree to end their marriage
  • Both fall within residency requirements when filing
  • Both agree on child support and custody, alimony/spousal support, and property and debt distribution

There are many reasons why a couple may choose an uncontested divorce over a contested divorce, even aside from the obvious requirement that they generally agree on most details of the divorce. For many couples, it is more affordable, less emotionally draining, and less harmful to their children to avoid litigation. It also can be completed much quicker than a litigated divorce, reducing the overall cost and damage done to the family and allowing for a more peaceful future for both households.

The Need For A Skilled And Experienced Divorce Attorney

Even when spouses are working together towards ending their marriage, legal help is still necessary, particularly when it comes to the complex legal aspects required to finalize a divorce. My job at Dahann Bowers Law is to ensure that the agreement in principle is comprehensive and a document that the courts will approve. I will make sure that all details of your divorce and post-divorce life are covered so that you can be confident in your future.

Take Proactive Steps And Contact Attorney Dahann Bowers

Disputes may still occur post-divorce. However, finding agreement, if not closure, during the initial proceedings can set the tone for a more peaceful process. If you and your spouse are ready to start the uncontested divorce process, contact my law office at my new location in Escondido. Call 951-900-4647 or email the firm here.