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What To Know About Prenups

At my law firm, Dahann Bowers Law, I help couples prepare prenuptial agreements, which outline the distribution of their assets and financial rights and responsibilities should the marriage end in divorce or death. While prenups, as they are often referred to, can have a negative connotation, they serve a valuable function that doesn’t reflect on the love and respect between the parties. The financial transparency inherent in a prenup can actually strengthen the relationship by reducing uncertainty and disagreements over money.

Protecting Your Assets

One significant benefit of a prenuptial agreement is the protection of individual assets. This is particularly important for those entering a marriage with substantial premarital assets, expected inheritances or ownership of a business. By clearly defining what is considered separate property, a prenup can ensure that these assets remain with the original owner in the event of a divorce.

However, prenups are not just for the very wealthy. They can also provide financial clarity and establish ground rules for managing joint expenses, investments and debt accumulation (including student debt).

Prenups can also be instrumental in safeguarding the financial future of children from previous relationships. By specifying inheritance rights and ensuring that certain assets are allocated for these children, a prenup can prevent potential legal battles between family members.

Find Out More About Prenups

A prenuptial agreement encourages couples to have honest and open discussions about their finances and future expectations. It should be viewed as a tool for planning and protection, not an expectation of a failed relationship. At Dahann Bowers Law, I help couples plan for their future. To learn more about the benefits of a prenup, contact me at 951-900-4647, or email me today.