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Helping You Protect What’s Yours During Property Division Negotiations

For individuals engaged in divorce, splitting marital assets presents challenges. In many situations, the items being divided are more than just assets. They are tangible memories and symbols of years spent together. Problems can also arise when property and real estate at issue have a significant monetary value. It can be difficult to keep an objective perspective, as both emotional and financial interests are at stake.

You don’t have to confront a property division dispute alone. At Dahann Bowers Law, I have seen my clients go through uncertain and life-altering times, and I strive to ensure that their future is financially sound after a divorce.

Dividing Community Property In California

California is a community property state, meaning that income, real estate, other assets and debt collected throughout the marriage are considered “marital property” and are subject to division in divorce proceedings.

Assets obtained outside the marriage are considered “separate or nonmarital property” and will not need to be divided. Property purchased before the marriage and gifts received through an inheritance are examples of nonmarital property.

I regularly help my clients pursue a full and fair property division agreement involving assets and property that include:

  • The family home
  • Vacation homes
  • Vehicles
  • Personal property, such as furniture, artwork and other household items
  • Retirement funds, stocks and pensions
  • Life insurance policies
  • College loans

Property division disputes can turn any amicable divorce into a contentious battle, which is why it is critical to work with an experienced attorney. With property division, my goal is to find an amicable resolution for determining ownership for emotional issues, such as splitting marital housing or dividing business assets.

While many soon-to-be exes are in agreement on assets via a settlement, others do not see eye to eye. I have the skillset required to negotiate or litigate before a family law judge.

Divorce of any kind creates a murky future for couples and their loved ones. Trying to resolve matters without legal counsel ignores the legal complexities you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse face both now and in the future. You can depend on me for my experience and legal knowledge to work toward asset division that is fair.

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